Against Us: Space Team

Note: This game is similar to our previous Pipeworks game with a new game flow, gamemaster interactions, theme, and 20% change in puzzles. Keep that in mind if you’ve already played our previous game.

Cooperative | Split-Start | Intermediate

Game Duration: 60 minutes

Recommended Size: This game allows up to 10 players. We recommend at minimum 4 players for the best experience.


This is an escape room with a sci-fi space theme. Players will be split in the beginning into blue and red, but you will be working together to fix the engine room of the spaceship.

Our ship is in dire straits! We need you, esteemed engineers, to troubleshoot our engine room and fix the subsystems before we get lost in space forever. While you’re at it, find out who’s plotting against us!

This escape game experience is for PRIVATE groups only; you will not be placed in a game with strangers. One person will need to book for the entire group.

Booking Policy

  • No refunds for cancellations or no-shows.

What People are Saying

Just did the newly refurbished one called Against Us and it was awesome! Had a great blend of cooperation with a hint of competition! The environment was engaging and Daniel did a great job keeping us invested in the story. Highly recommend!” – Caleb Dixon, Google Reviews